About Darcie

Darcie Morningstar

Phone: 850-688-4247
eMail: Darcie@MorningstarMerchant.com
Organizations: Southern Hospitality Consultants – Founder/President
Leon Country Humane Society – Foster Dog Mom

Darcie Morningstar is President of Morningstar Merchant Solutions, where she handles the day to day operations of the company as well as boarding new clients and offering existing clients excellent customer service. She graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a bachelor of arts in Communications Technology in 2006. After graduation she started as an Account Executive at First Data Merchant Services with 5 major cities in Texas as her territory before transferring to Tallahassee, FL to continue her career in merchant services.

Darcie is married to Tyler Huston and has two dogs, a Corgi named Dingo and an American Bulldog named Jade.